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Estellencs, essence of Tramuntana

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Watch About! in Estellencs

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Know the history and culture of Estellencs. he municipality of Estellencs has created an audio guide with all the cultural information of the municipality, you can know its history, legends and visit its most interesting heritage elements. Live a new experience, Estellencs, essence of Tramuntana.

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Windows Phone


How to start

Step 1

Download the application. You will be able to download it from the market of your phone.

Step 2

Log in. You only need an email account.

Step 3

Download audio guide Estellencs. Choose the option: Download guides - Ajuntament d'Estellencs - Estellencs, essence of Tramuntana.

Step 4

Listen to guide. You can check the map with the information points and play the content. You also have a list of all available content. Get cultured!.


This application alerts you when you are near a point of interest!

We warn you with a sound (a telephone call sound)

If you activate the GPS of your phone you will know where it is on the map and Watch About! will notify you when you are near a point of interest by playing a ring tone.

Activate the GPS from an iPhone


Settings - Privacy – Location Services – Select Watch About! IOS Edition – Allow location Access : While Using the App.

Activate GPS when using an Android device


Settings – Mobile data - Location - Activate - Modus - Choose: High precision

Works off-line

Once the guide is downloaded, the operation of the application and the reproduction of contents is completely off-line. This means that no roaming data will be used.


The Estellencs guide is free.

  • Audioguide
  • 1 Map
  • 1 Video
  • 35 Photos
  • 3 Photos 360º
  • 15 Audios
  • 0,00 €

It has been made by the Ajuntament d'Estellencs and made available to all visitors as an initiative to improve tourist services in the municipality.